Fashions for Proms

Transportation Tips for Prom

When deciding on your means of transportation for prom here are some things you may want to consider.

Tip #1
Budget - Make sure you call around to many limo services in the area for the best price. Prom season comes around the time of year when weddings are popular so make sure to call a month or two ahead of time to reserve your night. One person can make the reservation but be sure everyone agrees on how much to spend. For people on a lower budget you can have a lot of fun decorating one of your parents vans or SUVs.

*Dont forget to tip the driver.

Tip #2
Seating - The limo company will ask you how many people you need to accommodate. If its in the budget go a little bigger. You can always add someone if needed or worst case you have some extra leg room or gown room.

*Standing in front of the limo and your party seated inside make great backdrops for pictures.

Tip #3
Room for two - If its just you and your date, a car is the better choice. Stay away from the horse and carriage. It may seem like a fairy tale idea, but the smell and possible rain could be a nightmare. If you choose your parents or your own car, make sure its clean and sparkling for your magic night. Opt for the four door car rather than the smaller two door model which may be more difficult to get in and out of in your long dress.

Remember staying sober is the smartest way to travel!