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    June 2nd, 2013Alanna NelsonDresses, Prom, Prom Trends

    The strapless dress debuted in the 1930’s and Mainbocher was the pioneer of its popularity. Considered daring and a reversal of the fluid silhouettes of the 20’s, socialites and movie stars scooped up the strapless dress trend.  In Mainbocher (pronounced Maine-Bocker) designs, form was as important as function.  In 1950, he said:

    “A woman who has to arrange any part of what she is wearing, simply cannot be smart. A well dressed woman always appears to have forgotten what she is wearing… ”

    Many schools prohibit strapless clothing during the day, so prom is a chance to flaunt that rule, as strapless dresses for formal occasions are considered anything but osé (excuse my French, but I just love to say “shocking” in another language!).

    Jovani short strapless origami beaded formal dress at PromGirl Form and function combine beautifully in these strapless prom dresses:

    Blending origami and beading in a ivory  formal dress by Jovani, this short dress is crisp, sophisticated and contemporary.  Sheer tulle embellishment drapes artfully on the bodice and from the waist.

    The beaded embellishment hints which accessories to choose, your personality still reigns as you style it. Such sophistication!
    strapless animal print long dress mermaid at promgirl
    Black and white, trendy and strong is an animal print long dress that is not only strapless, but has a mermaid skirt. In this dress, you show your strength and feminine assets.  Growl!

    It’s fabulous that one style can launch literally millions of dresses.  Showing off your shoulders is just the beginning of a formal dress design.
    navy blue strapless long lace dress by Alyce at PromGirl
    Alyce’s navy blue lace formal dress mixes texture and transparency.  Modern romance meets daring with the beaded sweetheart bodice and side vent.

    Just because you say strapless, the dress style isn’t decided.  Browse more strapless prom dresses to find your perfect match!

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