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Shop Online Safely for your Prom Dress

Thanks to the internet, shopping for your prom dress can be easier than ever. The internet also brings a new facet to caveat emptor, that Latin term meaning "let the buyer beware." If you hope to buy your prom dress online, here's

5 Tips for Secure Internet Prom Dress Shopping

  1. Purchase with a credit card or paypal, not a debit card. Credit cards have a limit you'll lose if there's problems with identity theft. Debit cards don't offer this protection. Using these payment option also gives you an extra hand if a complaint is not handled well. If you send cash or a money wire, you won't have any way of compensation if you don't get the gown.

  2. Look for the padlock in the web address and other secure transaction signs after clicking "Add to cart." You'll find the padlock in the web address or an address that begins with shttp:// or https://. Most reputable online retailers will also incorporate a statement about their security practices on their web site. The shopping cart will probably have a digital certification button on which you can click for confirmation that this is not a scam site.

  3. What is the return policy? Traditionally, formal dresses, especially items that have been altered, have very limited return policies.PromGirl returns for example, are clearly stated, including any costs on restocking, return postage and when something you buy may be a final sale. Keep these details in mind when you shop for your prom dress.

  4. Are they a member of ABPIA?American Bridal and Prom Industry Association includes designers, manufacturers and retailers, (both online and brick and mortar) who want to educate consumers about counterfeit formal dresses and seek legal means to stop counterfeiters. Is the online retailer a member of their Association? You can shop more securelywith them.

  5. Check out the designer's web site If shopping for a designer prom dress, it could give you lots of info . They frequently list the methods they use to prevent scams. Many of their best retailers are also listed on their web site.

Stay Safe Onlinehas more information about being savvy online when shopping for your prom dress. Have fun shopping, and as Mom says, "Make good choices!"



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