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    April 30th, 2013Alanna NelsonDresses, Our Fashion Choice, Prom

    What does sexy mean to you? I think it means you feel strong, self-confident and comfortable in your own skin. Maybe the definition changed over time.  Ask the dictionary, and “erotic”  and “appealing” are synonyms.  Ok, that works, I guess, but not really.  There’s more to the word, don’t you think?

    Search for sexy prom dresses at PromGirl, and you’ll find a variety of styles. Here’s three that caught my eye.

    long open back black prom dress by Studio 17 at PromGirl

    This open back dress comes with either white or red trim.


    short strapless prom dress by La Femme at Simply Dresses

    Confident, in control and ready to party in this short prom dress from LaFemme.

    Dave and Johnny silver blue sequin long prom dress at PromGirl

    Silver and blue sequin long strapless dress from Dave and Johnny is like a starry night…

    Maybe what’s sexy to you won’t show up in the list. The silver blue sequin dress wasn’t included in the PromGirl search.  LaFemme’s strapless beaded prom dress gets its energy from the person who wears it.  The black and white long dress is edgy and strong.  Season trends definitely shape what’s on the market, but you get to define sexy for yourself.

    Here’s to finding the prom dress that is sexy, comfortable and gives you that extra spring on your prom night.


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