Fashions for Proms

Which party dress shopper are you?

I dare you: say "party dress."

Well done!
When a special occasion, formal dance, wedding reception or graduation appears on the horizon, how do you feel? Chances are, you fall into one of two categories:

Party Dress Passionate

short party dress with broken glass beading by Sherri Hill at PromGirl Does a happy, exciting tingling expectation bubble up, raising your eyebrows with perhaps a tilt of your head?

Then you've probably got a Polyvorecreation filled with little black dresses, dresses with cut outs, lace or your own favorite trends. You can hardly wait for the next chance to wear that strapless mini cocktail dress with the broken glass beading that you just couldn't resist. You love the dress!

You may know the prom girlparty dress department by heart, waiting for our latest arrivals. Party on, woman!

Party Dress Phobic

cheap party dress in junior to plus sizes at PromGirlBut what if you say "party dress" and worry furrows between your brow? Never fear, we are here to help.

Our onlineparty dress navigation lets your search for long dresses, short gowns, by body type, event, color, and designer. With an ample range of junior, miss and plus dress sizes, theres a party dress for everyone. Each dress has its own size chart. Try out our "Live Chat" and we'd be happy to answer your questions.

You can also search for the perfect party dress by price. We offer budget conscious dresses because you may want a cheap party dress but you wont sacrifice style. Chase those fears away, woman!

It's easy to lull into our familiar habits when we dress. Put on a party dress and it's your opportunity to express your personality in a special way. In whichever category you land, there's a party dress that lets your uniqueness shine through.

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