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  • Pageants 101 with Alexis McIlwain!

    October 20th, 2011cristineProm

    Ever wanted the inside scoop on what it takes to be a pageant girl? Miss Main Teen USA 2011 Alexis McIlwain gives us the dish on her life as a pageant princess! Check out her secrets in the video below! Interview with Alexis McIlwain, Miss Maine Teen USA 2011

    I’m Alexis McIlwain, Miss Maine Teen USA 2011.

    I just started pageants and [Miss Maine Teen USA 2011] was my first one!

    The experience of entering Miss Maine Teen USA 2011 was amazing. I met a lot of great people and a lot of new friends. And I’ve gotten a lot of great opportunities out of it, such as: modeling jobs, getting involved with different charities and helping out with that, and just being a part of the pageant family!

    The funnest part about pageants would be probably the people that you get to meet, and the opportunities that are presented by meeting so many different people. And you get a lot of friends. And you shop! And I would say the hardest thing about being involved in a pageant would definitely be schoolwork, and keeping up with your classes, and homework. Because you miss a lot of days for events and such.

    The best advice that I could give girls my age looking to get into pageants would be: choose a dress that makes you feel confident. Don’t choose it for someone else, choose it for YOU! Because you’re the one who’s on stage, who’s wearing it, and who’s going to be crowned in that dress. And believe in yourself! You know, you are beautiful and you own the stage. So have a lot of confidence.

    The kind of dress I look for when I’m entering a pageant would be something with a bold print or something that makes me standout. So for example, if everybody is going to be wearing a long dress, I’ll purposely go for the short dress with the sequins, with the crazy color. And I’ve actually looked on before and thankfully, they have a ton of selections!

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