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Halloween Dresses Under $50

Halloween is coming up! Wondering what you want to be still? Here are nine fun costume ideas that all include dresses that are UNDER $50!! And the best part is that you can totally keep wearing these cute dresses after Halloween too! ;) Click on the links to check out the dresses and accessories on our site!

Happy Haunting!

1. Jungle Jane

Show off your wild style as Jane of the Jungle! This sexy leopard dress by Cameo is one of our top sellers! And at only $39, it's a real steal! Accessorize with a tooth necklace, a sash made of vines, and these great tan Alisha Hill "Lindsay" Shoes!

2. Angel

Be a sweet and serene angel! This strapless lace Carolina dress is a perfect choice, and comes at the divine price of only $49! Accessorize this costume with a tinsel hallow and feathery white wings. We also recommend these dainty tear drop earrings, and these classy white heels.

3. Biker Chick

Get your motor running in this sexy Biker Chick costume! This funky Misope dress ($49) will be sure to turn heads! Pair this dress with a motorcycle hat, cool aviators, and a leather jacket. Take it to the next level with these fashion forward Saugus black heels.

4. Bumble Bee

"Bee" who everyone is buzzing about at the party as a fun bumble bee! The puffy skirt on this K-Too dress ($49) adds fun flair to your look. Accessorize this costume with sparkly bee wings, antenna headband, and this glittery Aphrodite Gold shoes.

5. Fairy Princess

The uneven hem on this Jane dress ($39) makes it ideal for a Fairy Princess costume! Pair this dress with some dainty fairy wings and glittery Best Bet Silver shoes. Complete the look with a dainty flower tiara!

6. Flapper

Cut a rug as a fun flapper! This fringe Cheryl dress is another favorite on and is priced at only $49! Accessorize with a sequined feather headband and classic pearl necklace. We also recommend these elbow length formal gloves from Hannah S (in black), and Brielle satin shoes (also in black).

7. Playboy Bunny

Here's our take on a sexy Playboy Bunny costume! Start with this Mystic Downtown dress ($49), featuring a fun bowed waistline. Pair this dress with satin bunny ears, white collar and cuffs, and a fluffy cotton tail! Complete this look with these fantastic black jeweled Dolly heels.

8. Sexy Cat

This costume is purrffect for those who aren't afraid to be a little sexy! This one shoulder black K-Too dress is only $49 and is super sassy! Accessorize with a cat ear headband, seductive black mask, and kitty tail! And to take your outfit to the next level, add these divine Alisha Hill stilettos!

9. Wednesday Addams

If you want to be a character, try Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family! This black Cameo dress is only $35 and is perfect for the costume with it's dainty white collar. This costume wouldn't be complete with Wednesday's long black braids, and some knee high stockings. Try these Electra shoes in black to complete the look!