Fashions for Proms

Dresses to go with Your Prom's Theme

All proms have a theme. It's up to you whether or not you want to find a dress that matches.

We suggest picking a dress the dress that you personally really want, regardless of the theme. Prom is YOUR big night after all! You should make the most out of it by wearing whatever dress, shoes, and accessories your heart desires.

Going along with the theme isn't necessarily a bad thing either. Choosing a dress that matches your school's particular prom theme can be a really fun and festive way to show your school spirit.

We've selected a some great long and short prom dresses that would perfectly match some of the more common themes for prom.

Casino/ Las Vegas theme:

For a Vegas theme, we suggest going with sparkling and edgier dress styles. You shouldn't be afraid of being flashy!

Roman / Toga Party
One shoulder dresses are always a great choice for toga-inspired gowns. Long and flowy styles with ruching are the best way to go. And remember, white isn't the only color you have to go with!

Welcome to the Jungle
Animal prints are always a popular choice for prom in general, so there are tons of amazing dresses to choose from if you're going for a jungle theme. If you want to steer clear of the predictable all-over animal print, we suggest going for a bold leaf/tropical flower print or a dress with subtle hints of animal print.

Old Hollywood
A Hollywood theme is a great opportunity to rock an sophisticated and chic look for prom. There are so many contemporary takes on classic dress styles that are sure to make you look elegant. Dress up your look in vintage inspired accessories to complete your ensemble!

Disco Fever

Disco and 70's themes can be really fun because you can go for funkier styles. We suggest shorter dresses with warmer tones or metallic sheens.