Fashions for Proms

Beautiful Women Walked the Red Carpet on Oscar Night 2008 in Black, Red, and White Formal Dresses

While the Oscar show is about the awards, it is also all about fashions. The beautiful dresses on the red carpet get almost as much attention as the awards. Lets take a look at Oscar night 2008 and check out the fashion choices of the top stars. Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Ellen Page, and Hilary Swank all wore classic black. Ellen Page kept it simple with a plain-layered style while Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner wore black dresses that featured daring styling -- strapless/ one-shoulder bodices and stunning chic mermaid skirts.
Not black, but red was the choice for like Heidi Klum who wore a fiery red gown complete with a long train. Anne Hathaway and Katherine Heigl wore red dresses with bodices that featured a single shoulder strap.
Still, the most talked about, and winner of the Best Actress Oscar, was Marion Cotillard. All eyes were on her as she accepted her award in a dazzling long, elegant, white dress. Cameron Diaz also walked the carpet in a dazzling off-white strapless dress.
The stars in their black, red and white dresses reflect some of the most popular colors for formal dresses this year. Every girl going to the prom will find a broad selection of gorgeous prom dresses so that she too can stand out just like the stars on the Red Carpet. has many red dresses for those who want to wear a daring red dress to prom look like Heidi Klum did to the Oscars. For those wanting a dazzling white dress like Cameron Diaz, there is a large selection of white prom dresses.
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