Fashions for Proms

5 Low Heel Shoes Perfect for Long Prom Dresses

On prom night, let me dance and have fun. That means wearingheels less than three inches. Don't take me wrong, heels are fun to look at they just aren't that comfortable to wear. A low heel sandal looks greatwith the prom dress. In a floor length prom gown, I'm already not used to the extra long skirt. Do I want to worry about looking like a fool in high heels? No, sir!

5 Lovely Low Heel Sandals for Prom

A strappy sandal with a 2" heel, the Taryn by Touch Ups in silverlengthens your legs without ruining your stride. Silver sandals for prom are all the rage in 2016. Adjustable ankle straps keep those short heels in place even if you kick up your feet.

Paige features a 2 inch heel in anude wedge sandal. The beads add a sparkling touch, giving an extra dressy look to these ultra comfy prom shoes. A low heel wedge sandal offers a lot of support while dancing and waiting in line for the promenade.

Don't like heels at all? Get that criss cross style and a flat heel with the Lilly beaded sandals.While the beads dress up the flat sandals, I could imagine plenty of other summer special occasions (graduation or summer wedding receptions, anyone) to wear these cute sandals.

Boasting a sweet 1" heel, theseT strap kitten heel sandals work with both traditional or trendy prom gowns. The peep toe shoes off your pedicure, but the wider strap is less like to result in blisters than a strappy sandal might.

Looking for a flat with sparkle? Hanna, the ballerina flat could be your answer. Embellished fabric and the classic princess style works for any type or length of prom dress.

Jazz is a versatile sandal for promwith a rocker vibe. There's a strong energy in this T strap sandal with a one inch wedge heel. Break them in for prom, but enjoy these sandals all summer long.

All of these short heel prom sandals are available in sizes 5 -11 (with Taryn also available in size 12). How low will you go? Dance with style, confidence and comfort wearing these great sandals, each with one to three inch heels.

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