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  • 4 Radiant Orchid Strapless Formal Dresses

    March 30th, 2014Alanna NelsonProm, Prom Trends

    While I jumped for joy as Celesia Orange became a trending color, pinky purple fumes of jubilation erupted all over the web when Pantone declared Radiant Orchid “Color of the Year.”  Orchids aren’t just for corsages and boutonnieres any more! When looking for a radiant orchid formal dress for prom, you’ll find that a simple color search is not always easy. The sweet and punchy mixture of pink and purple defy most color categorizations.  I’ve clicked around for you, looking for floor length gowns at both designer and budget price points. Imagine my surprise when my first favs were all strapless gowns!

    4 Radiant Orchid Strapless Dresses

    PromGirl Radiant Orchid long formal gown

    Strapless sequin formal dress in radiant purple

    Shop PromGirl Strapless Radiant Orchid long dresses

    Radiant Orchid strapless print gown.

    For less than $150, glow in a radiant orchid stylish formal gown that features sequins and a detachable corsage. This long strapless dress has a sweetheart neckline, ruched waistband and a full   multi layer skirt. Notice how the dark sequin colors allow the radiant orchid fabric take center stage.

    Love a print that features radiant orchid? On the left, look how essentially the same strapless sequin gown plays with a large scale print. It, too, has a floral accent on the ruched waistband for a new look.

    Buy PromGirl Alyce Paris radiant orchid prom dresses

    Alyce Paris strapless long sequin gown

    Alyce Paris gives radiant orchid a different perspective in a floor length strapless sequin gown available in sizes 00 to 32. Sequins on the sweetheart bodice contrast with the chiffon fabric, creating a dynamic duo or radiant orchid and silver. Both dresses have a ruched waist band and a full skirt, but the each have their own vibe.

    Shop PromGirl Jump radiant orchid strapless dress

    Jump radiant orchid ombre strapless gown

    Don’t you love the woven ruched panels that criss cross the body of Jump’s strapless ombre evening dress? It is so beautiful, I just have to show front and back views, so you can see the beaded rhinestones trailing across the open back. With the ombre skirt, this is probably the least radiant orchid of today’s picks, but who can hide this beauty?

    Shop PromGirl Jump radiant orchid prom dress

    What a sparkling back view!

    With these strapless dresses, your wrist corsage could still contain orchids. Just choose other colors than radiant orchid, like green, yellow or white. Pantone definitely adds pizazz to this spring’s formal season.

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