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  • 5 Leopard Print Dresses for Fall

    August 30th, 2013Alanna NelsonDresses, Our Fashion Choice

    Last season, leopard print fabrics sprinted down the runway as those of us watched from the forest edge. It’s back again this year. Did you dash out an buy a leopard dress, love at first sight? Perhaps you tiptoed into the fashion terrain with a leopard print scarf or handbag.

    Animal prints have become a background statement. Some see it as wardrobe neutral that evolves into a design aesthetic, where layers of color and texture create a rich palette. Leopard print’s not just for smoky late night lounges any more. Designers are playing with the animal prints, creating innovative takes on a once offbeat fabric choice. Here’s 5 interpretations of the leopard print dress.

    Leopard print dresses from Simply Dresses

    One shoulder leopard print dress

    Starting with a classic one shoulder dress, style this short knit dress with simple, bold accessories in a solid color (black, gold and bronze are staple choices, but what about emerald or turquoise?). Although I’d be hard pressed to wear this to the office or on campus, put this leopard print in the party dress category.

    If there’s a formal gala, reception or dance in your future, take a peek at the high low gown from Temptation.

    Temptation High Low Formal Gowns with Animal Prints at PromGirl

    Sequins and ruffles on Temptation’s high low formal dress

    Ruching, ruffles and sequins give the animal print a new flair. Choosing a palette like turquoise or purple moves you away from the traditional leopard print stereotypes.

    Semi Formal Animal Print  Party Dresses from PromGirl

    A removable tulle skirt makes this semi formal dress versatile

    If there’s a semi formal special occasion or dance in your future, take a look at this leopard print dress with removable tulle skirt. The strapless dress is available in traditional leopard colorway, black and white and fuchsia.  Once the big event is over, take away the tulle and you’ve got a great layering piece added to your every day wardrobe.

    Shades of silver wrap around this sweetheart strapless animal print dress.

    Strapless silver animal print dress from PromGirl

    Silver and grey animal print dress

    Not only is the animal print reinterpreted in black and white, but the ruffles drape smoothly without a lot of gathers. This is a great dress for fall dances!

    Finally, return to the traditional animal print dress but add contemporary black accents and a ruched bodice. It shifts a strapless style to one shoulder styling.

    Animal Print Party Dresses from Simply Dresses

    Animal print one shoulder dress

    Leopard print dresses are running off the racks.  What do you think about this new “wardrobe basic” print?

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