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Dressing for the future: Taylor Swift

My hope for the future, not just in the music industry, but in every young girl I meet is that they all realize their worth and ask for it. -Taylor Swift

Her in Op-Ed article for the Wall Street Journal, Taylor Swift noted the changes she's experienced in business, and predicted future trends. While her focus was on the music industry, it can apply to all of us, in all of our passions. Whether we love fashion, genetics,animals, helping people, writing code or cracking algorithms, our generation will need to rethink things, stay on our toes and be aware that our personal brand is our biggest asset. We should value the relationships we build and make sure we are valued.

How do you dress for that? I suppose just like your resume and your reputation, bit by bit.

Here's 6 Dresses to build your personal brand

Begin each day with a dress you love and the self confidence will shine through. This sleeveless floral print dress has front and back scoop neck for a fresh and breezy air. The exposed zipper gives it a fashion forward kick. And the budget friendly price shows you're responsible with cash.

Bare shoulders and white textured sheer fabric give this belted summer dress a cosmopolitan twist. The back keyhole closure and gathered neckline show you're ready to adapt new trends. Style the dress for fun or serious pursuits and look great either way.

Want a bit of sparkle in your personal brand? I love the sequin embellishments in this off the shoulder dress. The look is carefree but the spaghetti straps keep things under control. Joyous and beautiful, you'll shine at any party or dance in this cute summer dress.

For a focused and elegant look, I'd recommend a lace trimmed dress. Here's a classic sheath dress in white or pastel colors that definitely rethinks our impressions of lace. Here's an example of that innovative twist on the traditional that we bring to the future.

Then there are the special occasions. Gala events are your chance to sparkle. What best describes your strong points?Choose three words and express them when you choose your dress for grand nights. WhenTaylor hits the red carpet, her dress choices often vary, but they all say opulence, down to earth, elegant as she sweeps down the red carpet.

Looking for powerful, confident and daring? Wear this gorgeous La Femme full length gown for a dramatic entry to the red carpet occasions in your future.

Does dramatic not express your style? Feminine, edgy and sincere will bubble like champagne when your walk into special occasions in this Mori Lee formal dress.

Every day, our choices determine our lives. Some of these choices, like a dress, may be little ones. Others create more lasting effects. As these choices combine, we create our identity and build our self worth. Where will we go?

As Taylor stated in her editorial:
The only real risk is being too afraid to take a risk at all.

Here's to embracing the unknown!

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