Fashions for Proms

Why We can't Resist Strapless Prom Gowns

Every prom dress designer includes a choice of strapless gowns in their collection for 2015. In fact, strapless gowns have been a perennial favorite since the 1990's. They've come a long way since 1932, when Libby Holman stepped out in what would become her shocking trademark style.

Why are strapless prom dresses irresistible?

  • We can't wear strapless tops or dresses to school except for prom

  • Even if Sherri Hill's pastel embroidered strapless dresses were available in a short version, this would not fit most school dress codes. Prom is the one time you can flaunt that rule (Usually! Better check before falling in love with a strapless dress).
  • Strapless dresses are easy to accessorize
  • Elegant combinations in strapless gowns like this taffeta bias cut long prom gown let you style the dress for your personality, prom theme or perhaps a special occasion in the future.
  • Strapless prom gowns offer many jacket or formal layering options
  • There are so many fabulous options for keeping warm as the evening progresses. A snug bodice like this gorgeous La Femme beaded dress keeps the possibilities open!
  • Strapless gowns are keep you cool when dancing
  • Even the sheer layers in a Mori Lee strapless gown may be warm on the dance floor. Bare shoulders help you keep your temperature constant.
  • Strapless prom dresses look fabulous!

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