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What to Wear: Internship

  1. French Connection Pleated Sleeveless Dress (FN-71KX7)
    This pleated dress is perfect to wear in the office! It features a belted natural waistline, which adds as an extra accessory! You can pair this dress with black or nude pumps to complete the look. Dress it up with a blazer, or you can dress it down by opting for a cute pair of flats instead of heels! Either way you wear it, you'll stand out from the crowd!

  2. Short Sleeveless Dress (WC-SW292)
    This business dress is an alternative to a typical button down shirt with a skirt. You can have the same classic look without the hassle of having to adjust your top or bottom! It even comes in different colors: you can wear it ivory and black as pictured above, lime and light grey, or orange and beige!

  3. Knee Length Dress (XO-6142PDS5)
    This cap-sleeved career dress is a great choice to wear to work! It's classy, yet conservative, but adds a pop of orange color so you'll stand out in a sea of grey! It also features the peplum trend so you'll be fashionable and functional!