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Velvet Holiday Dresses under $100

Velvet feels luxurious and looks spectacular on holiday dresses. On the runway, velvet was one of the notable runway trends, so why not get ahead of the crowd and choose a velvet party dress in 2015? Better yet, why not spend less than $100? Get a luxurious holiday dress for less with these

Velvet Party Dresses for the Holidays

Whether you choose the rich bordeaux or sophisticated black, an off the shoulder velvet dress has sexy, vintage appeal. Not too form fitting, but slim fitting enough to highlight your contours, this great party dress costs only $79.

Tiana B creates a lovely combo with the sleeveless velvet dress and sheer jacket. The contrast of rich black velvet and a transparent layer nails the fashion trend with its texture. An added bonus is the price! The two piece combo costs less than $75.

Get ahead of the trend with gorgeous velvet dresses at a budget price. The 2015 holiday season is waiting for you to blaze ahead in elegant style!


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