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Red party dresses for Christmas

Red is one of those colors we associate with Christmas. Historiansreveal that this ties back to medieval symbols, to a time when only royals wore purple and our world was a simpler, much less stimulating place. Western societies don't necessarily teach color symbolism to their kids any more, but how many of you had a red velvet Christmas dress when you were a kid? The tradition hangs on. A red party dress for Christmas just seems right, especially since there's a shade of red that looks great on everyone. Try these four red party dresses, for starters.

A floral lace motif and sequins give this red lace dressa festive air. I'd call this a "wine red" dress, and its blue undertones would look great on those with a summer or winter complexion (just about all of us!). The open back of this party dress is a nice punch.

All hail the queen! Embellished cap sleeves wrap over the shoulder, giving a royal touch to this red ruched dress. The race car red color is a good choice for the spring and autumn complexions. This is a good semi formal dress for business cocktail receptions as well as family celebrations or New Year's out with friends.


Next choice: a red one shoulder dressembellished withsparkling beads. Imagine yourself gliding across the room with soft layers billowing both back and front. In case you've got future parties in mind, this semi formal dress is available white or black.

Finally, keyhole accents give this modern red cocktail dress a sassy kick. The gentle gathers and embellished waistband combine together with the red to create a dress that's not just for Christmas parties, imho. That's probably why it's available in a host of dark colors!

What do you think of my red Christmas dress choices? Color psychologists have shown that men consider women wearing red dresses or standing near a red background more attractive than those not... maybe this motivates you to wear a red party dress this holiday season!

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