Fashions for Proms

Prom Dresses to Show Off a Tight Torso

Are you steady at the sit ups and side crunches? At prom, it's your chance to show off that tight torso. You got it? Feature it! You work hard, so choose a prom gown that inspires your fit lifestyle.

5 Body Conscious Long Prom Dresses

ThisSherri Hill two piece long prom gownhas a simple long skirt that puddles on the floor, leaving all of the focus on the gorgeous beading on sheer mesh. The crop top and high waist leave your ribs and toned abductors uncovered perfect for a tight, body con statement at prom.

Want a two piece gown, but the prom dress code doesn't allow it? The Temptations beaded sheer waist gown works around that restriction. A sheer dark insert keeps that code in mind, but flaunts a tight torso. The beading on the bodice and waistband remind me of silver white fireworks. What a great way to show off yourwork outs.

Totally body conscious, Xtreme features a plunging V neck gown and lace bodice. Sleek waistline angles highlight your toned torso while keeping the overall formal elegant statement. This prom gown is available in black and jewel tone colors.

Is it the flowing long skirt? The gorgeous lace? Or is it the plunging V neck that makes this long Sherri Hill formal dress so irresistible? Perhaps the feature I admire most about this prom dress is it looks equally gorgeous even if your torso doesn't sport a six pack!

So there you have it; five great prom dresses to show off a fit body. If that doesn't send you off fora set of planks, I'm not sure what else you'd do unless it's click to buy one of these prom gowns now!

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