Fashions for Proms

Pocketbook Essentials

Not only is it important that your purse match your prom shoes and complement your prom dress, its what you put in it that counts! Here is a helpful list that you can check off to make your prom night is stress-free.

*Note: Travel sizes work best for easy storage

1. __ Hairspray
2. __ Safety pins
3. __ Bobby pins, hair elastics or other hair clips
4. __ Feminine products
5. __ Small change purse with money and i.d.
6. __ Cell phone (fully charged)
7. __ Tide stick to go or Shout wipes
8. __ Make-up for quick touch-ups
9. __ Camera (with new batteries and film in it)
10. __ Travel sewing kit for last minute fixes such as broken straps

We hope this helped. Enjoy your special night!