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Pink Dresses for the Giro Rosa

TheGiro Rosa 2015(Pink Race) ended its last day of women's bicycle competition with a mountainous climb. What a fabulous women's biking race it was!

The Tour de France may get the media attention, but the challenging course for this year's women's bicycle race had compelling team tactics and results. Riders wear yellow to signify their daily victory in the Tour de France, the stage winners in the Giro Rosa wear pink. So guess what? You got it...
Pink dresses for summer celebrations!

White piping gives this pink stretch lace dress sporty panache. You can feel the flowing motion as the white stripes surround the halter neckline and curve to create an open back. Highlighting your waist and curving to minimize your hips, this pink dress captures a confident style.

Pink flowing jersey caught my eye immediately. Upon closer examination, I realized that you can wear this cocktail dress in many different ways. Use the two jersey bodice bands to create:

  • a one shoulder dress,

  • a halter dress,

  • a strapless dress

or whatever you design. What a perfect strategy to reflect your assets!

We all know that optimum strength and fitness are an important part of a sports professional's daily life. What a way to show it off with this pink jersey dress? Confident and casual, the halter dress straps cross your back and are sealed with a bow. This lined dress wins my vote for sporty and pink!

Floral prints are all the rage this summer, so here's a pink floral knit dress to celebrate. The winding asymmetrical neckline and shaping commemorate the winding Italian mountain roads the bikers tackled in many race stages.

It's not often you find a dress with detachable jewelry. This pink shift features a removable necklace. If I rode as hard and fast as these women, the shift dress would definitely be my favorite after training choice. Imagine the sore muscles and exhaustion they must work through.

It's time to celebrate! Put on your favorite pink dress, raise your glass and salute the Giro Rosa women bicycle riders.

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