Fashions for Proms

Making Prom Memories

Now that you have your perfect prom dress, prom shoes and hair, it's time to look picture perfect for all those cameras. Here are some tips for everything from how to pose to preserving your photos from prom.

When taking pictures before the prom, make sure to capture the moments when you are getting ready. This can be fun if there are a lot of friends getting their hair and nails done together. Once you're all ready and beautiful some great locations for posing can be in front of a beautiful landscape. Flowers and trees always look nice and a water backdrop is lovely if you're lucky enough to be close to one.

Group photos work well when some of your group are standing on a top step with others working their way down the stairs. Going by height is the easiest way to choose the order. A funny picture with all the guys together and a separate one with all the girls can be great. For instance, if all the guys play football they can get into their positions where they would be in the line on the field. Girls can do the same for their sport or activity. The "Charlie's Angels" poses are always fun. And of course don't forget to pose in front of the limo or other means of transportation.

Quick tip #1: Know ahead of time which side is your "good side" in pictures. This can help in deciding which side to stand on when posing with your date. Take practice pictures a day or two before prom.

Quick tip #2: Bending one knee inward with your hand on your hip makes for a very flattering photograph. This is called the S curve.

Quick tip #3: Shoulders back! Good posture is always in style.

Photo albums and scrapbooks are great ways to preserve and share your prom photos. Make sure to date and label the pictures as you go. In 5 or 10 years you can bring the album to your reunion - it goes by faster than you think!

Have Fun and Be Safe!!!