Fashions for Proms

Is a Ruched Dress Right for You?

In the fashion industry, ruching and gathering details can not only be used to
decorate womens clothing, it also can flatter your figure. A French term, ruching is a design technique used by most prom dress and formal gown designers in which material is gathered in evenly spaced, tiny ruffles or pleats.

It was first introduces in the 19th century decorating womens clothing and hats and is still used today, especially in evening wear and cocktail dresses. This art form, on the right fashions, can camouflage a few extra pounds at the waistline. When you're wearing a dress with ruching around your middle, it's hard to tell what's fabric and what's you.

Another great technique is in the gathering details. Material gathered and accented with anything from beads and brooches to feathers and flowers adds a sophisticated touch while hiding any unsightly bulges around the middle. So remember ruching and gathering details when looking for a sexy, forgiving and figure-flattering fit.

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