Fashions for Proms

Dresses when the Invite says Casual Chic

So your invitation says the dress code is "casual chic." Hmm....Casual means dresses you'd wear any day. Chic gives you the chance to shake it up. Time to pull open those closet doors and dresser drawers. I'll bet you've got fun accessories to style these casual dresses.

Take a peek at this one: an olive drop shoulder dresswith a wide belt. Small buttons and fun pockets give an easy going, original vibe. You could choose espadrilles or ankle boots and send the outfit in two different directions. Pull out jewelry with amber, turquoise or bronze hues and you're ready for that party!

This teal sweetheart dress looks classic from the front, but the back cut out keeps it current. The narrow black belt matches the back band (whew, what a mouthful!), so you've got plenty of opportunities to accessorize. Ballet flats or heels, bring along a cardi and you're out the door.

This irresistible white dress with gold beads is so chic that you will want to wear it every day! No problem for the party, just throw it on and wear a pair of jeweled flip flops. This dress does all of the work for you. It's even more irresistible when you learn its price.

So when that casual chic party invite shows up, have fun mixing dresses with your accessories.

What do you have in your closet?

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