Fashions for Proms

6 tips while shopping for high heels

Prom and high heels are an attractive combo. Even theAmerican Podiatric Medical Associationadmits that wearing heels on special nights is fine, as long as theshoes fit properly. What should we look for when shopping for the perfect heel for prom?

Cushioned High Heel Toe Bed

Ideally, the high heels you choose should have a cushioned toe bed. Walk with your ankle hitting the ground first to keep the weight off your toes. You can always purchase cushion inserts if the shoes otherwise fit well.

Closed Toe Heels

If you plan on dancing a lot, avoid peep toe shoes. When you dance, your feet will slide forward. A closed toe shoe box keeps the heels from pushing your toes beyond comfort.

Planning to peep at others from the sidelines? Then peep toe heels are fine for you! The Marlena silver high heelsfeature a closed toe shoe box and platform heels for extra height. The 3 " heels are more comfortable thanks to the platform.

Alternate Flats with "Taxi to Table" Heels

It happens: the most gorgeous, irresistible pair of high heels combines beautifully with your dress. Deep down, you know you can't wear them all night.

Let a cute ballerina or even sparkling silver sneaker cuddle your feet until those show stopping heels hit the floor at prom.

Whether you choose a ballerina flat or silver sneaker, your feet will thank you for it!

Wedge Heels

A good wedge heel can give you the support not always found in a high heel. If you choose a tall wedge high heel,wear them around the house to get the feel for it. The more straps, the less likely you'll roll your ankle.

The Madison wedge heel has an ankle strap, T strap and three thin straps across your toes that support your love of high heels.

Dancing in a high wedge heel? Practice makes perfect. If you already own a short wedge heel, begin practicing with that, building skills for the higher shoe.


Heels with a Good Toe Box

Whatever the height, ample room in the toe box will make the night more comfortable. As the high heels push your feet forward, your feet may swell. Don't start the night with tight shoes or straps.

If you tried on the Marissa black pumps, don't let the great shape distract you. Do your feet accommodatethe pointy toe (it can be done)? Does your instep slide nicely into the high heel? If the answer is no, just don't do it! Find another high heel that fits right.


Ankle Strap Heels

Planning on dancing every track? Ankle straps on your high heels let your feet move without the shoe flying away. They also prevent ankle roll.

Lotus peep toe bootiescombine with the super trendy for a high heel that works with both short and long prom dresses.

It's Prom, of course you can wear high heels! Show off fabulous shoes at your party of the year. Choose wisely and you'll have great memories of your prom shoes.