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5 Tips for Best Fit when Prom Dress Shopping Online

Are you shopping online for your prom gown? You're thinking about style, color and price, but don't forget about fit! Consider these
5 Tips for a Perfect Prom Dress Fit

  1. Know your measurements.not just what size you wear in your favorite brands. Before shopping for your prom gown, get out a measuring tape, put on "foundational" lingerie similar to what you'd wear for this special occasion. For example, if you want a strapless gown, wear a strapless bra. Pull out a measuring tape and have someone else take your measurements. PromGirl has a great video on how to take your measurements. Write these measurements down. You'll need your measurements to determine the best match for the dresses you love. Even if you plan on shopping a designer you already know, check the sizing for each dress. If the online vendor doesn't provide sizing information, call them for customer assistance. If they can't help you, don't order! Check out my post on smart online prom dress shopping.

  2. Analyze each prom dress for where fit matters the most. Is there a flared long skirt on your favorite formal dress? Then concentrate on the best fit for your bust. Does the gownan open back? Then perhaps the hip may be the most important. Is there beading on the waist? Then definitely pay attention to a good fit at the waist, as beading weighs downthe fabric, requiring a more precise fit. Don't forget to look at the length. Hemming a dress is usually an easy option, but beaded edgings may complicate that process.

  3. Consider the corset formal dress Today's prom gown trends revealmany beautiful corset gowns. The advantage of the lace up closure is a perfect fit! This is oh so important on strapless dresses, especially if you plan on dancing a lot. Here's a gorgeous silver lace corset gownthat allows a personalized fit.

  4. Consider slinky knit jersey in a prom gown. Knits aren't just for your favorite t-shirts any more. Jersey knit formal dressesdrape beautifully. That contemporary formal gown look can blend with other prom trends like beading, cut outs and vintage glamour. Designers understand the forgiveness of knits as well as the comfort. This open back dress by Alyce Paris captures prom dress trends with knits beautifully

  5. Find a good tailor.If you love the dress and know alterations are in your future, you may want to share a link to your favorite dress with the person who will do the alterations. They can help you decide on the correct size. If you don't know someone who can do the alterations, ask around, check the Better Business Bureau for your area or find a member of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals.

Time to get measured! Time to shop! Have fun online shopping for your dream prom dress.


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