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3 Great Lace Trimmed Dresses

To think that lace was once a fabric only for royals! Five hundred years ago, lace makers worked hours to create a lace collar or trim. Thanks to technology, now everyone can enjoy lace, and not just for special occasions. It's great to see how this classic fabric appears in new ways. Here's three lace trimmed dresses that mix lace with other fabrics.

A floral print and braided belt mix beautifully in astrapless casual dress.Taking lace out of the special occasion category, this is an three season dress that you can slip on and go! The lace bodice works well with a jean jacket for Saturday farmer's market or head downtown for a music festival. Jeans and lace? Who would guess?

For a more formal occasion, lace is a time honored choice, but this party dress plays the lining for a sexy slant. Cutting away the lining in thecenter bodice panel and upper chest lets the lace do the work.

If you're not ready for something quite that daring, then I suggest the lovely lace inlays in this blue sleeveless dress. The bodice top and back feature royal blue lace inserts that give a nice shot of special to a dress that takes you from the office to parties.

So, royal lace lovers of the 21st Century, let's enjoy lace everyday!

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